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Law of Attraction Instruction Manual Cover



Manifesting the good stuff is confusing. There’s all kinds of conflicting information out there.  Should affirm what you want (even if you feel the opposite.)? Should you visualize (even if you think you’re delusional)? Should you meditate?

And on and on…

Yeah, it’s overwhelming.

And yet, you keep struggling to achieve your big juicy dream, trying to figure out what to do. You collect information and attempt a dozen different approaches, always feeling like there is some missing piece.

Not anymore. This guide tells you only what you need to know to get what you want. Simple. Effective. Lasting.

Does that sounds good? In this preview you’ll receive:

  • All you need to know about LOA to get huge results…even if you think LOA stands for Lakeside Ontology Application.
  • How to set yourself up for success (miss this critical step and you’ll work way harder and get inconsistent results!)
  • How to make getting what you want much easier. Most people NEVER figure this out, even though it’s so simple.
  • How to really meditate, even if you hate it.
  • The exact steps to make yourself feel really good, every time.
  • How to pump up your manifestations by feeling pure appreciation (instead of staring with disgust at your vision board.)

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