Law of Attraction Instruction Manual

Just what you need to know

Law of Attraction Instruction Manual CoverTo practically, consistently, and easily manifest the life you want

You’re familiar with the Abraham Hicks or, “The Secret.” You want to believe it’s possible to manifest the life of your dreams.

Your house nestled in that perfect place.

Your calendar packed with exciting things to do.

Your career that lights you up.

In fact, you already have some results. But, doesn’t it seem harder and more confusing than it ought to be?

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • “Why doesn’t it work all the time?”
  • “What am I doing wrong?”
  • “Why did I get that one awesome thing so easily and getting those others is like trying to make water out of stone?”

You’ve seen others sail through life getting accolades and the exact stuff they want. But when you try to figure it out, you’re stuck puzzling through all the conflicting information out there.

I’ve collected for you the most essential parts of the process with a detailed explanation of how to apply each step, no matter what you already know, with an emphasis on a life of ease.

 I have had a love/hate for the Law of Attraction for years. This is the first book, I feel that has really got me on track again. -S. Markley.

In this book you’ll find:

  • What you need to know to get what you really want. No filler.
  • How to manifest what you want all the time without devoting your life to it.
  • How to create lasting feelings of ease, inner peace, and abundance.
  • How to apply any tools you might come across in other books (like meditation) effectively (with a list of the most popular).
  • What to do when you experience negativity.
  • How to set goals and let the universe deliver them to you.

What would your life be like if you stepped into your true power?

Would you relax more?

Would you take lots of amazing trips and see wonderful sights?

Would you create a love life that really turns you on? How about a body commands attention?

Would you create magical moments that surprise and delight you at every turn?

Would you create a financial empire doing only the things you love most? (of course you would)

All of this is inevitable as you reach your manifesting potential. Want to learn how?

Tomasso gives you what you need to systematically put it all into practice and move from the conceptual to the experiential– starting from exactly where you are, with the life you are currently living. – Donna F.

I tend to be a tough reviewer on this topic, because I’ve read it all (or at least enough to know what is authentic and helpful, and what is not). This book goes straight to the heart of the topic and lays out the steps one needs to take in order to have this Law work for you and how to functionally use it in your life. – Elizabeth R.

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-Chris Tomasso

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