Phase 2, Day 257: Last 9 months Overview

Wow. That’s a huge gap between day 12 and day 257. In other words, almost 9 months. I’ll give a quick recap about what has changed in that .75 year period.

In the hologram (for those of you result-minded-Phase-1-residue folks):

  • Career – Not only consistent work (after a 6 month period of nothing), but work I like doing. I also managed to save up over 3,000 dollars while feeling much more highly valued by my employers than ever before.
  • Creativity – Returned to finishing my feature film as well as building a new website which eventually came full circle back to this one.
  • Community – “Discovered” a large support network of people for the Busting Loose process.
  • Body – My body, though it still feels pained, it is more fit than it’s ever been.
  • Exploration – “Got over” much of my social anxiety and began exploring more of wonderful New York.

Now for the really important changes. As cliched as it sounds, I’ve developed a much deeper understanding of Robert Scheinfeld’s work.

The best way I can describe it is that before I was trying to “use” the busting loose process to acheive an end. Now it’s much more about embodying the principles and letting them connect and subtly transform my life.

For example, I’ve always been a planner. In fact, just recently I created a five year success flowchart. That’s right, I’m the kinda person who gets all tingly over a flowchart. Well this is exactly the kind of future-obsessed Phase 1 thinking the process was meant for. I have since then slowly let go of my attachment to all of my big plans to become famous, rich, well-loved, muscular, and a world traveller.

Not that I don’t want those things – but right now – now is more important. Both for the busting loose process and the salvation of my sanity.

A caveat: The journal was originally supposed to show the slow progression into Phase 2, but for reasons related to my expansion, that did not happen over the last 9 months. However, all of that experience will color the articles I write from now on and I will constantly be referring to that period in this journal.

Stay tuned.

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