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Digital Art: Quantum Disintegrating Clock

Time is just another part of the hologram.
Time is just another part of the hologram.

Featured in the article Bust Loose with the Power of Now

Think about just how much of your life is run by time. You may have to work at a specific time. You definitely have to go the bank at a specific time. You may be able to go to the beach during specific seasons. Generally, you probably don’t like being late, but early is not much better.

And if you’re in school forget it. Schedules, semesters, quarters, homework, deadlines – all revolving around something that doesn’t really exist.

This was a relatively quick drawing and I actually did it without the wacom tablet. It conveys the ephemeral nature of time, yet the presence of an alarm clock in the picture is enough to still bring discomfort (atleast to me!)

How I did it

  1. I downloaded a royalty free stock photo from Stock.XCHNGE. I was just going to use that, but why when I can vandalize it and make it art?
  2. I loaded up GIMP and proceeded to use the smudge tool liberally (read: far too much) all over it. To give the illusion of the clock fading away, I managed to smudge both away from the clock and from the whitespace into the clock. This gave the look of “streams” of the clock fading off into the ether.
  3. Then to make it a little more fantastical I changed the hue and upped the saturation. Since it was such a monochromatic image the filters only really affected the hands of the clock (which became a nice icy blue) and some of the lighting around the rims.
  4. I color picked the yellow from the rims of the clock and applied the galaxy preset on the paint brush to give the effect of “pixie dust.”
  5. Another round of smudging and we have ourselves a quantum disintegrating  clock!