What’s the Point of Vacation Anyway?

costa rica

I’m just about to go to Costa Rica, a long time dream of mine and I have a mixed bag of feelings and vibrations about it. On the one hand I’m vibrant and excited and anticipating of the wonderful time I will have, and on the other I’m in a sort of pensive mood. Which has me asking, why does one go on vacation? What does vacation even mean in a law of attraction world?

I’ve written about this before in the concept of escape vs. a calling, but I’d like to hit it in a wholly different way. I’d like to think about how the public at large and how I personally think of vacationing.

Western society defines a vacation as literally a break from the norm to relax and indulge in pleasurable leisure activities. It’s both a solid thing, like a two week trip to Costa Rica, and an emotional thing, like a vacation from the idea or construct of your life.

It’s like an escape with a mutually agreed upon begin and end date with an assumption that once you return, everything will go back to normal. But this falls apart if you believe that you don’t really want anything to go back to normal.

For me, a vacation is more like a vacation into my future reality. I don’t think of it as this separate thing, but merely a part of my life that will happen more and more in the future, but for now it exists in this bubble. I think of it more like a preview of things to come, rather than a tangent from the normal. It’s more like a focused time of vibrational tone setting in order to manifest a more desires normalcy. It’s not separate from my normal life. In fact, like how the fringe of a subject often times replaces the mainstream (called a dialectical relationship), I think of the vacations of my life slowly but surely replacing the mainstream of my life.

This isn’t to say that I assume that my life will always resemble the form of a vacation (hanging out on the beach on doing cool excursions), more that my life will increasingly resemble the emotional content of a vacation. So a vacation then is placeholder for desired emotions that are contingent on that circumstance taking place. Put this way a vacation isn’t a fantastic concept at all (since it holds those emotions in a specific condition), but it may be the only starting place for my western trained mind. If you aren’t willing to accept that you deserve this kind of reality in a consistent way (and must settle for this emotional reality once or twice a year) then a vacation might be the best you can do at your current vibrational altitiude.

Taking it home with you

If the purpose of a vacation is to live in an idealized way for a short amount of time, then carrying out that purpose must be the act of practicing the wonderful emotional experience of being on vacation unconditionally. A vacation is the embodiment of the vortex inside of a life full of contrast. Therefore, in order to transcend that construct, the power must be taken away from the vacation entirely. Rather than make your vacation not stand out (the way it should), this will give you the power to create those feelings at home in your normal routine. As long as you can only experience your wildness on vacation, you will have to settle for your boring self at home. Screw that.

We live in a world that worships the weekend, because that’s when we can unleash from the shackles of our day to day job and just really let loose. If that means dancing or adventuring, or just taking in a good book, it means that you get to indulge in the things you want anyway. But, need I remind you that, these are the things and experiences that life is about.

So what is the point of a vacation? Currently, it’s a starting point for vibrational expansion. It signifies discovery, exhilaration, novelty, variety, warmth, comfort, relaxation, and so much more. At best, a vacation is a time where you declare that you remember who you are and why you are here, and allow yourself to have new delightful, surprising, and intensely satisfying experiences. At worst, it becomes a beautiful prison for those experiences.

What is this vacation for me? It’s a culmination of many things. It will be my 30th birthday, and it will contain experiences such as scuba diving that I’ve always wanted to have. It will also contain sensory pleasures such as warm water that soothe and envelope me deep into my soul. But with those signifiers carries an even deeper meaning. This vacation is commitment to free my mind from vacations. It’s a commitment to the idea that life itself is one long complex, gorgeous, and moving vacation.

I know too much now. I know that life was meant to be this way. That a vacation is simply the manifestation of this point in my life – an oasis amongst the slowly changing contrast. An oasis signifying a rising continent. That life will increasingly feel like it’s own vacation. The work of the law of attraction is remembering this, and seeing that rise for the glorious unfolding that it is.

What’s one thing that you would do more of if you were on vacation? How could you do just a little bit of that now?

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