Breaking Down Money: Are You Comfortable with Luxury?


Money tends to be something that’s very polarizing, energy wise. What I mean by this is that if you have money, you have lots of it. If you don’t, you barely struggle to get it. And if you are in neither of these positions, you tend to be caught right in the middle , having just barely enough to get by and maybe have one little thing for yourself here or there. Moreover, money is something you deal with every day or multiple times a day, so it’s something that you likely have some pretty entrenched beliefs about, no matter what they are. Remember, beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.

So then Abraham comes along and says something like this:

“And then the idea of a Universe of never-ending abundance some-how came to me—another simple thought that I adopted, and adapted, that changed my life, and the lives of those who may have been influenced by my example, in a very dramatic way. My new premise was: “When I buy a series of luxury vehicles, I am creating jobs and redistributing money in a luxurious way. In other words, when I purchase an expensive vehicle, I create work for—and re-distribute dollars to—thousands of persons who made the vehicle possible.”

Yeah, I have trouble coming to terms with all the luxury vehicles I buy as well. I’m using very pointed sarcasm here to , um, make a point: My point of attraction around money is currently about halfway to really believing this. This is because buying a luxury vehicle is not yet the next logical step in my physical reality.

However, there is something that is coming up that perfectly mirrors this. I’m about to go on a trip to Costa Rica. I’m going to celebrate my 30th birthday with the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and I’m terrified. Why? Because, a certain amount of luxury is out of my comfort zone. The first sentence in the last paragraph was an expression of my discomfort over the idea of owning a luxury car.

When you think of stepping outside your comfort zone, you usually think of doing something risky, like bungee jumping or public speaking. Yet, a luxurious experience like going on a cruise to the Virgin Islands, owning a Tesla, or receiving an Evian Bath (a bath of 1,000 bottles of French mineral water – yes this really exists) can actually make you uncomfortable. Put differently, something which has a sole purpose to make you more comfortable can actually make you uncomfortable.

Weird huh?

So we go back to this concept of never ending abundance. If you believe that abundance is infinite, then you also have to believe that any amount of abundance is something that you are perfectly comfortable with. If you don’t, then you are actually blocking the flow of abundance to you. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

If this resonates with you, what exactly is uncomfortable about that luxury experience that you really want to have? You might say things like, “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t deserve it,” or, “No one should have that kind of luxury.” These are all reasonable things to say, but they won’t get you any closer to that experience that you want. You probably already know this, but it doesn’t change the fact of your gut emotional reaction. The thing is, that gut emotional reaction is the signifier that there is discord between what you’re vibrating and what you want. Those kinds of thoughts are just manifestations of the feeling of your lack of alignment.

So how do you get comfortable with the idea of having luxury? How do you get aligned with it?

Refer back to the quote above. Esther found a huge piece for herself when she realized that she was benefiting others by buying a luxury car. Not only was she allowing more abundance into her life, she was raising the potential for abundance to flow into other people’s lives. Here though is where reading this can be misinterpreted. This is what worked for Esther, and this brings light to the huge difference between reading a book and listening to a hundred different applications of processes based on a person’s unique set of challenges.

Understanding your unique relationship to luxury

The thought that, “People benefit from me allowing my abundance,” is a great one, but it’s not necessarily the one for you right now. You may be practicing any number of chronic abundance- quelling thoughts like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “To make more money I need to put in more work that I don’t want to do,” or even, “Making money isn’t spiritual.”

Rather than focusing on those though, I’d like to give you something to start thinking about your relationship to wealth and opulence in a more positive way.

The universe is infinite and there is infinite abundance for each one of us. If you can get comfortable enough to dip your toe in that belief, then what follows is: You have the ability to be, do, or have whatever you want. You may already feel uncomfortable with the idea of having so much power, but bear with me.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with something and then gained comfort in it? Did you feel like a master the first time you drove a car, or learned how to cook something new? When you understand that the luxury that seems to only exist for the few is simply another version of this process, you take away the seemingly infinite power that wealth has over your mind.

Lets start simple.

What is one thing that feels luxurious in your life that is reachable? Do you like to eat dark chocolate? Do you like to sit out in the sun in nature? Do you like to get massages? How about a dip in a hot tub?

Pick something in your life that won’t hurt your finances and is something you can do in the near future. Ideally, something repeatable. If you like to visualize, then visualize yourself doing this thing during your normal visualization time and picture yourself really enjoying it. Feel the warmth and the comfort and the security of that thing you like to do. When you choose to actually do it, feel how wonderful it feels to be opulent in that moment. To really get comfortable taking care of yourself in this way, make it a weekly, or even daily, thing. You are worth it, and by doing this, you will feel that feeling deep inside your core more and more.

Me? I’m going to Costa Rica (Rich Coast?) and will be practicing these feelings as often as I can before, during, and after. Hopefully I can get less terrified. See, I just moved my vibration up in relationship to it a little bit.

What if you really can’t afford it?

I understand and I know how frustrating it is to read something like this if you just don’t have the scratch. So here’s an alternate exercise. Next time you buy something that’s a “guilty pleasure”, reframe it in your mind like a luxury. I just went to a fast food restaurant the other day, something I don’t do too often, but I love the taste of their fries. This fast food restaurant also now carries Cinnabon, my absolute most favorite dessert. So I got a 4 piece of that.

For you it could be anything. Do you like buying lotto tickets, dark chocolate with sea salt, or that magazine that’s trashy but you really love? First of all, these things aren’t guilty, they are luxurious. Think of them that way. If you need a prompt, think, “I’m buying this because it’s a luxury I can afford in my life.” This will get you in the habit of recognizing where luxury already exists in your life. And it doesn’t have to be an object-based understanding. One of the great luxuries you have is time.

But, if you’re the kind of straight-laced, non-candy-eating, psycho who never has fun in life, I don’t know what to say to you.

What is one luxurious thing you do now? What about one you want to do?

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